eav-pie-2100Empire Avenue has released the next Pie upgrade – Pie 21, which enables users to invest up to 2100 shares of other users (2200 with the dessert upgrade, 2300 with even more dessert).  There have also been some changes in the rules for buying pie.

The Pie 21 upgrade is only available for cash – currently $42.50, and will go up to the regular price of $50 when EAv’s holiday sale ends December 21.  Meanwhile, pie 20 can now be purchased with eaves.

Pie Rules!

EAv CEO, Dups, shared that some of the rules and prices related to the pie upgrades have changed recently:

We had different rules for different pie and different pricing for portfolio and different for certain pies. We consolidated ALL the rules into a standard Set.

1) No longer any requirements checking on Pie or Portfolio settings, other than needing the preceding one (so Pie 15 needs up to Pie 14 and Portfolio 54 needs up to Portfolio 53)

2) Every new Pie that goes up, we will offer for $ only until the next Pie goes up and then the previous new pie will have Eaves Pricing.

3) All Pie and Portfolio Upgrades are now Eaves priced based on a wealth calculation, so the more wealth you have the more expensive in Eaves.

4) All Pie and Portfolio Upgrades have a 2 week delay between when buying with Eaves.

5) We adjusted all the pricing of Pie and Portfolio to match the inflation in the economy, something we had not done for a while.

6) We adjusted the $$ value for many of the upgrades and made 10 of the Pies from $50 to $25 and several of the lower ones cheaper as well.

This all happened last week sometime.

There’s more conversation on that here in the general discussion area.

Scratching my head…

  1. Why so much Pie?  This is the 3rd pie upgrade released in the last 4 weeks.  A new piece of pie used to be a fun and exciting announcement for many who were maxed out in most of the top users. But only a handful of people have any use for this much pie, so it diminishes the fun factor.
  2. Is EAv is killing its Pie revenue?   In addition to the high frequency of pie upgrades reducing demand, EAv also doubled the price to $50 starting with pie 20. It seems to me that both of these changes do quite a bit to discourage people from buying pie with cash and encourage them to wait until the next upgrade is released and buy the last pie with eaves.

What do you think of the Pie 21 upgrade?  Are you going to buy it with cash?  Are you buying the Pie 20 upgrade with eaves?