eav-affiliate-programEarlier today Empire Avenue announced the start of the beta phase of a new affiliate program. The program pays affiliates an 8% commission on vees, eaves and upgrades.

However, it does not pay commissions on premium accounts and it does not pay any commission on purchases made more than 3 months after the referred user signs up.

Is it worth becoming an affiliate?

While I am by no means an affiliate program expert, I have participated in a few affiliate programs in the past.  By comparison, Amazon’s commission rates start at 4% and go as high as 8.5% for high volume affiliates.  On the other end of the scale, some information products and web service providers pay as high as 50% commissions.

Commission rates tend to be higher when there is not a physical product and when the item is unique, because those items tend to have high profit margins.

Granted EAv has overhead costs, but eaves and upgrades themselves have no cost to EAv beyond credit card transaction fees and perhaps some occasional support to customers, so they have nearly a 100% profit margin.  Vees have some cost to EAv because EAv has to pay for the gift cards and music people can get when redeeming them.  As explained in an earlier post, it costs 3.75 times more to purchase vees than they can be redeemed for which means EA has a 73% profit margin (and that’s off the retail value of the gift cards/music. In actuality EAv is paying a lower wholesale cost).

What I see here is EAv is offering to pay 8% of the 75%-100% profit margin on items.  That doesn’t seem particularly generous to me.  And it’s only for 3 months and not on premium accounts, which seems even more limiting.  But, like I said before, I’m not an affiliate expert, so maybe that’s just my novice opinion.

On a positive note, it costs nothing to participate. And if you like EAv and want to tell your friends or clients about it anyway, why not generate a commission from those referrals.

What do you think of EAv’s affiliate program?

What do you think of the payout rates, 3 month cut-off and exclusion of premium accounts?