number_one_empire_avenue_recommendation.jpgI finally had a chance to join one of the EAv Leaders teams today – EA Mega-Team (Marketing & Member Retention) – and came across a great discussion topic:

Let’s get to know each other – and share your #1 suggestion for improving member recruitment & retention!

There’s no shortage of ideas for ways to improvements to EAv (see the 12 Recommendations series for more on that), but out of all those ideas, what’s my top suggestion?

Better Mission Targeting

Empire Avenue has gained a reputation as “the Fivrr of Social Media” because a lot of people are essentially paying anyone who will take their EAves for likes, follows, retweets and shares of their content.

Not only is this bad for EAv’s reputation (which hinders growth), but it’s also bad for marketing people using EAv because getting followers and shares from people who have no interest in your content is almost worthless.

So, here’s my solution… better mission targeting through better integration of missions and communities:

  1. Create incentives for joining & participating in a limited number of communities related to specific interests (some ideas include better dividends, EAv network score, badges)
  2. Make it easy for mission creators to target a community they’re a part of (no extra fees, perhaps even give a discount for targeting a community)
  3. Make the default view of missions one that only shows only missions targeted to the communities I’m a part of.

This community focus would have lots of benefits…

  • Improve retention – It would strengthen relationships among people with common interests
  • Save time – It would make it easier to find missions we want to do
  • Increase mission participation – I rarely do missions any more because it’s a waste of time to sift through the ones I’m not interested in. Make it more efficient by showing me just the missions related to my interests/communities and I would be willing to do missions again.
  • Increase mission effectiveness – A higher % of the people doing our missions would actually be interested in our subject matter and sharing with their followers who are also interested in that topic

What do you think?  Would better mission targeting to interest communities be a big improvement for EAv?  Why or why not?

– Paul ~~> (e)PDSTEIN

EA Mega-Team (Marketing & Member Retention)