empire avenue solutionsBack in the Summer of 2012, Empire Avenue seemed like it had some real promise as a social media marketing tool but was being held back by some frustrating but fixable issues. So, I published a series: 12 Critical Improvements Empire Avenue Should Make.

Almost two and a half years later, Empire Avenue has finally decided to implement my #1 recommendation.

What did they do?

Share Price Changes in the new year

On December 15, EAv announced in the discussion groups:

In the New Year, with feedback from community members we will try the biggest change to the Share Prices since the inception of Empire Avenue and the “big reset of July 2010”.

Currently: Your share price is calculated daily and some part of it is based on your social media activity over the preceding 10 days from the top 5 social networks. This has always been controversial as it causes weird looking movements that you cannot control.

The Future: We will simplify, Your share price will *only* be made up of by the movement of shares: ie. people buying and selling your shares. Your Dividends will however continue to be based on your social media output and engagement. Betting on those with good dividends will always pay off.

This seems to be exactly what I recommended August 14, 2012:

EAv Recommendation #1: Eliminate Nightly Share Price Adjustment


This causes lots of problems and frustration and should be eliminated…


Nearly every one of us at one time or another as woken up to find our share price down 0.5e or more. Sometimes it seems as if there’s no logical explanation for it other than perhaps some of the squirrels were up late doing shots. If that’s not bad enough, market-chasing share holders see your share price is down, are afraid that your share price is going to continue to drop, so they sell their shares, which causes it to drop further, creating a downward spiral. You feel frustrated and helpless.


One other problem the nightly share price adjustment causes which I forgot to mention initially is that because the vast majority of new users get an increase in share price the first night, there’s no risk in buying every new user who signs up. This contributes to the rapid increase in share prices for new users and then subsequent drop when many of them dump those shares (aka “pump and dump.”) eliminating the share price adjustment would also reduce that problem.

I ran a poll for each recommendation and this one say 72% in favor, 16% opposed.

107 comments were posted to the blog and another 119 comments in the Team Zen Facebook group. No one from EAv commented on the post, but Ric Williams & Dups were very involved in the FB discuss saying this would require a major rewrite of code so they wouldn’t consider it any time soon.

Fast forward 28 months, neither of them are working on the code, and this is due to be implemented in the first week of January.

Of course, this sparks all kinds of questions like…

  • Who decided this is what the very limited EAv development time should be spent on?
  • Is it really the “major rewrite of code” that Dups and Ric said it was?
  • Does anyone care anymore?