My #1 suggestion for improving member recruitment & retention!

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number_one_empire_avenue_recommendation.jpgI finally had a chance to join one of the EAv Leaders teams today – EA Mega-Team (Marketing & Member Retention) – and came across a great discussion topic:

Let’s get to know each other – and share your #1 suggestion for improving member recruitment & retention!

There’s no shortage of ideas for ways to improvements to EAv (see the 12 Recommendations series for more on that), but out of all those ideas, what’s my top suggestion?


Face It – EAv, the Game, is Dead


tombstoneThis is going to tick off a lot of long time Empire Avenue Users, but we need to face the fact that there is no future in “the game.”

There are 1,000-2,000 somewhat active game players who want EAv to be a free stock market game. They wail about Premium Accounts, Pie 17 only availble for cash, and people who buy eaves because they view those items as ways to buy an unfair advantage in “the game.”

Let’s face it…