Woohoo! I hit 1,000e! Here’s 25k to help David Sanger join me!


eav-1000-share-priceThis morning I became the 7th individual to hit the 1,000e share price milestone.  Woohoo!

Thanks to all of you who have invested in me.  I literally couldn’t have done it without you.

Meanwhile David Sanger is on the verge of hitting 1,000e as well, so here’s a mission to buy some of David’s shares to help put him over the top.

If you’re already maxed in David, take the eaves anyway as my thanks to you for your investment and connection here on Empire Avenue.

Paul ~~> (e)PDSTEIN

Celebrating 1 Billion!


empire avenue billionaireHey EAvers,

This morning I became a virtual billionaire. Woohoo!

To celebrate I’m giving away 4,000,000e

Do whatever you like with it. Have a great weekend and enjoy!

Paul ~~> (e)PDSTEIN

Big Thanks to Art & Reg!


Over the weekend I hit the 600e share price milestone.  Art Jonak (e)JONAK and Reg Saddler (e)ZAIBATSU both not only congratulated me but ran generous missions offering 1,500e to other EAvers to congratulate me.

I’m not big into celebrating EAv milestones. I think it has a tendency to put the focus on EAv goals when we should be focusing on the bigger goals Beyond Empire Avenue which we’re using EAv to accomplish (more on that thought to come.) But I am big on celebrating generosity and community, which Art and Reg both exhibited. So, thank you Art and Reg!  And thanks to all who posted shouts of congratulations.

-Paul ~~> (e)PDSTEIN

5,000e to help me celebrate 500e share price!


celebrateHey EAvers,

Earlier this week I hit a mega-milestone – 500e share price! Woohoo! I couldn’t have done it without you, so here’s how I’d like to celebrate it with you…

I just published a blog post titled “The Secret to Changing the World

I won’t reveal the “secret” here, but I will tell you that the post mentions one of best, most impactful charities in the world: Compassion International.

While I would love for you to sponsor a child, you don’t have to do that to complete this mission. All I ask is that you

  1. click through to the blog post, and

2 Clicks OK? Can you do that for me?

Thanks for helping me celebrate the big 500 and change the world!

Paul ~~> (e)PDSTEIN

Milestone: 100 Instagram Network Score!


Empire Avenue Instagram 100 network scoreI’ve enjoyed my 6 months on Instagram, and this weekend I’ve achieved what only a handful of other Empire Avenue  Instagramers have – an Instagram network score of 100. Woohoo! (Instagram leaderboard)

It took 6 months, 880 pics (5-6/day), 18,000 followers, and an average of 800 likes and 18 comments per recent photo.  My entire IG strategy is explained in the How to Rock Empire Avenue with Instagram blog series… with one exception.

I’ve got one secret that helped propel me from a network score of around 70 to 100.  I’ll tell you what it is, but you’ll have to wait a little bit. How’s that for a teaser. 🙂

BTW, my IG username is PDSTEIN if we’re not yet connected.

Paul ~~> (e)PDSTEIN

400e Share Price Milestone!


Whoohoo! Another big milestone today!  Thanks again to all those shareholders who made this possible!

1,000 Instagram Likes, Enough for the Popular Page?


instagram 1000 likesYesterday, for the first time I had a photo I posted to Instagram receive 1,000 likes, a pretty cool milestone.

One of my hopes is that some day I would get a pic on Instagram’s popular page.  So, was this enough to make it?


Celebrating 250 posts with a mission!


In September, Empire Avenue added WordPress.com as one of the networks users can connect.  I had years of experience using self-hosted WordPress blogs, but never WordPress.com.  That was incentive enough for me to give it a try and create this blog.  Six months later…

This is post #250 on Empire Avenue Tips! Woohoo!

Keep reading to get 2,000e and help me take this blog to the next level…


Celebrating 8 Months with 500,000 free eaves!


Hello to the best shareholders on the Avenue!

Yesterday marked 8 months for me on Empire Avenue, so I thought it would be a good occasion to thank you all and celebrate.


Record Dividends


This morning my stock paid out a personal best 2.09e/share dividend (my first time over 2e/share).  That took me to an average dividend of 1.82e/share for the last week which is also a personal best.  Woohoo!

empire avenue 2.09 eaves/share dividend

My dividend has been steadily rising since I started using Instagram 4 weeks ago, and it’s really taken off this week since starting the Instagram blog series and putting into practice a lot of great advice contributed be fellow EAv Instagram users in the comments.