Pie 19 Available for $. Pie 18 Available for Eaves.


eav-pie-1900Empire Avenue made the Pie 19 upgrade available for $25 in the shop today just ahead of of the biggest U.S. pie holiday, Thanksgiving.

EAv has also now made it possible for users to purchase the Pie 18 upgrade with eaves (previously only available for cash).

The Pie 19 upgrade enables users to invest in up to 1900 shares of other users (up to 2000 with the More Dessert upgrade, and 2100 with the Even More Dessert upgrade).

Is too much pie making us sick?


5 Ways The New Chairman & COO Will Change Empire Avenue


eav-charles-garcia-nour-kawaEmpire Avenue has updated its website to indicate Charles Garcia is now the Chairman of the Board and Nour Kawa is its Chief Operating Officer.

Congrats to Charles and Nour on their new positions!

Furthermore, Charles Garcia shared in a comment in the general discussion area, “I’m heading to San Francisco tomorrow to Chair my first board meeting, and watch Dups and Nour lay out their plans for the future.”

So, what does this mean for the future of EAv?

Here are 5 ways I believe Charles & Nour will improve Empire Avenue


EAv Extends Discounts on Incomplete Premium Accounts


eav_premium_service_levelsWhen Empire Avenue launched premium accounts on August 15, they came with a 20% discount for the first 3 months (for existing EAv users) and a promise of 3 features coming in August or Fall.

Three months later, 2 of those 3 features still have not been delivered, but EAv announced it would extend the 20% discount for another 3 months.

The 3 “Coming Soon” Features


Still no Dividends for Yesterday’s New Users


Every morning, typically between 10-11 AM ET lately, I publish the “Top New Empire Avenue Users” from the previous day, but as of 4:30 PM ET yesterday’s new users still have a dividend of 0.

Gerrit Bes brought this to EAv’s attention by starting a discussion in the general community area – Problems with displaying Ava Div/s at new accounts!  But 13 hours later, there’s still been no response from Empire Avenue.

If the problem is fixed soon, I could still publish a “Top New Users” post today, but we’ll see.

EAv Introduces Mission Block and Scaled Rewards! Woohoo!


eav_mission_blockEmpire Avenue announced two new enhancements to missions today.

First, users are now able to “restrict missions” so that specific users are not permitted to do their missions but are not blocked from communication or owning each others shares.

Second, mission creators have a new “scaled” rewards option. With this option, the number of eaves the mission-doer receives is based on their network scores – the better the scores the bigger the payout.

Details and analysis…


EAv Introduces V’s, Leaves Many Questions Unanswered


eav_currency_treeYesterday EAv announced that it will be introducing a second virtual currency – called V’s – in the coming weeks. According to the announcement:

Any user will be able to use V’s, like airline reward points, through Empire Avenue to exchange for goods and services.

While the announcement is big on promises, it is short on details and leaves lots of questions about the value and benefits of V’s…


Empire Avenue Makes Virtual Stock Market Optional


eav optional stock marketWhen Empire Avenue first started it was a virtual stock market. That was it.  As EAv continues to evolve, it took another step away from its origins yesterday by making the virtual stock market optional.

Starting “in a week or so,” when new users sign up for EAv, they will have the option to “go public” immediately, wait until later, or never participate in the virtual stock market.


Wayne Hurlbert (e)WHURLBERT has Passed Away


Wayne HurlbertMost of us have interacted with Wayne Hurlbert on Empire Avenue. His sister posted the announcement of his death on 10/14 on his facebook page. He was a very helpful player and was very active in the Empire Avenue Community. Not much is known at this time. But we was still blogging and investing through Monday morning. 

This is the post of Steve Cassady in the EAv General Discussion area…


Pie 18 Now on Sale! Pie 17 Available for Eaves.


EAv Pie 18Dups announced in the EAv General Discussion Community that the Pie 18 upgrade is now available in the shop for $25, and Pie 17 can now be purchased for eaves.

The Pie 18 upgrade enables users to invest in up to 1800 shares of other users (up to 1900 with the More Dessert upgrade, and 2000 with the Even More Dessert upgrade). This upgrade can only be purchased for $25 real money via credit card and not with eaves.

Meanwhile, EAv has also made the Pie 17 upgrade available for eaves…


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