Kevin Green: EA Myths – Please stop creating them


mythbustersKevin Green, the current share price leader on EAv, posted this insightful bit in the Community Discussion area. I’ve reposted with his permission:

There are a number of EA members going around blogging about their expertise on how EA works. Please before you go publish crap please read the FAQ on EA

To dispel a couple when NEW myths going around…

More Problems Expose EAv’s Dependence, Risk


avenue io problemsFor the last 24+ hours has been experiencing technical problems. It’s not clear at this time whether the issue is with itself or the Empire’s API which feeds the portfolio management tool its data. But what is clear is if were to go away, Empire Avenue would be in big trouble.

With the demise of InsideEAv, that leaves as the only 3rd party portfolio management tool available.

If were to go down for an extended period of time (or God forbid, permanently), users would be left to manage their portfolios on, which is extremely time consuming.


Details on Yesterday’s Missions Strategy & Results, Plus Share Another Video for Another 25,000e


how do I get a website?Yesterday, I launched the first major attempt to use Empire Avenue’s “social media rocket fuel” in conjunction with OurChurch.Com, the website services company I lead.  The results were very promising.  I’ll share specific details of the missions strategy below and the results.

Today I’ve got a second set of five 5,000e missions to share another video in which I answer the question, “How do I get a website?”


EAv CEO, Dups, Would Like Your Perspective


eav dupsEmpire Avenue CEO, Dups, posted some questions in the Team Zen Facebook group in an effort to get an idea of how EAvers perceive various EAv metrics. Since some of you aren’t in Team Zen or may have missed the post, I thought I’d share it here:

Given the following statements are true: 1) Network Scores out of 100 are about your long term engagement in a particular network, 2) Dividends are based on the activity and the engagement you receive from your activity.

So the questions:


Do You Have Empire Avenue in Your 2013 Marketing Strategy?


2013It’s time to start looking ahead towards 2013, so I’m curious to know and would love to discuss…

  1. Are you using social media to advance a business, nonprofit or cause?
  2. If yes, do you have a written 2013 marketing strategy?
  3. If yes, is Empire Avenue a part of your 2013 marketing strategy?

My answer to these questions is yes, yes and yes.  You?


12 Tips to Getting a Phenomenal Start on Empire Avenue


Empowering Empire Avenue New UsersEmpire Avenue can be a lot of fun. It can help you connect with influential people in social media and your niche. It can amplify your social media efforts.

Instead of learning how to do all that by trial and error, here are 12 tips you can use to get off to a phenomenal start on Empire Avenue.


Beyond Empire Avenue: Developing a Plan of Action


beyond empire avenue action planLast month I introduced you to the Beyond Empire Avenue Facebook group, which was created specifically to connect those of us who want to use Empire Avenue to achieve business, charitable and personal goals that go Beyond Empire Avenue.

Since then nearly 100 EAvers have joined the group and shared their Beyond Empire Avenue goals. We’ve also begun discussing the benefits of social media and which of these benefits Empire Avenue can help us achieve.

Now, let’s figure out what we can do to help each other make better use of Empire Avenue for those bigger goals.


Grading Empire Avenue on the 14 Benefits of Social Media


eav-grade-social-mediaIn the precursor to this post I wrote:

Before we can figure out how to better use EAv, we’ve got to know why we’re using social media. In other words… First, we determine what our social media goals are, then we determine how to better use EAv to reach them.

I followed that by listing 12 Benefits of Social Media (which became 14 after adding two more contributed in the comments). So how good is EAv at helping us gain each of those 14 benefits of social media?


Mission Pet Peeve: Promoting Missions w/o Descriptions


eav-complete-missionToday is the last day of EAv is waiving all mission fees, effectively cutting the cost of missions in half.  This has resulted in a boom in missions and posts in groups and communities promoting these missions.

I’ve said a number of times the biggest factor in whether I do a mission (particularly a mission that asks me to share content) is not the size of the reward but whether it will resonate with my friends/followers.  With that in mind, a growing pet peeve of mind is seeing shouts, posts to groups and mission titles that say things like “10,000e mission [mission link]” or “Easy RT Mission [mission link].”



12 Benefits of Social Media


benefits of social mediaEarlier this week Chris Ford and I Introduced the “Beyond Empire Avenue” Facebook Group. I want to start discussing how we can work together to better use EAv to accomplish our business, nonprofit and personal goals that go Beyond Empire Avenue.

Empire Avenue is supposed to be “social media rocket fuel.”  It’s intended to super-charge our social media efforts.  But, before we can figure out how to better use EAv, we’ve got to know why we’re using social media. In other words… First, we determine what our social media goals are, then we determine how to better use EAv to reach them.  Make sense?


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