EAv Extends Discounts on Incomplete Premium Accounts


eav_premium_service_levelsWhen Empire Avenue launched premium accounts on August 15, they came with a 20% discount for the first 3 months (for existing EAv users) and a promise of 3 features coming in August or Fall.

Three months later, 2 of those 3 features still have not been delivered, but EAv announced it would extend the 20% discount for another 3 months.

The 3 “Coming Soon” Features


EAv Terminates City and Interest Communities


Empire Avenue interest communitiesEmpire Avenue announced today on its blog that it is ending City Communities and Interest Communities but will continue to support Personal Communities.

City Communities were communities EAv had set up for metropolitan areas as an attempt to connect EAvers who are close geographically.  Similarly, Interest Communities were set up by EAv in an attempt to connect EAvers who share a similar interest.

What does this mean for you and me?


EAv Recommendation #6: Supercharge Communities


empire avenue solutionsAs I mentioned in Recommendation #5, for Empire Avenue to truly be “social media rocket fuel” users must be able to target missions to their specific niche. EAv is on the right track with enabling users to form a community for their niche and then target missions to that community, but it falls short because communities fall short.

Recommendation #6 is all about improving communities so that people who share a common interest can help each other and advance towards  a common goal.