This is a guest post by Dana Lange.

Everyone wants to know their social media ROI. How do you measure engagement and goodwill? Recently I sent out a shareholder email on Empire Avenue to celebrate my two month anniversary. Here is the original email for those that did not see it:

So today’s the day of my two month anniversary here on Eva and the much anticipated FREE GIFT. The best part about this gift is you get to name the prize. If it’s legal, ethical and moral I will do everything in my power to make it happen. All you have to do is ask. So what types of things can you ask for? Here are just a few examples:

• Need more likes to your FB Fanpage?
• Need some retweets?
• How about some likes and shares on youtube?
• Need a guest blog post?
• Do you need an introduction to someone in my rolodex?
• I’ll even purchase your shares (between 500e and 1000e).
• Heck, if you need your car washed I’ll do it if it’s feasible.

There are no strings attached and I want nothing in return. I thought about sending out a mission and giving away some eaves, but then I realized that would be all about me. I want to give back to you, increase our connection and to have fun. I do request that you ask for more than just a retweet. If you’re asking for some social media attention like that, make several requests. I also request that you be reasonable, I can’t afford to buy 200 shares in all 400+ shareholders today. You get to name the prize for this free giveaway to celebrate my two month anniversary!

If it’s a simple request just reply here in the comments. I will respond in kind when the task is complete. If it’s more complicated leave a comment to check my inbox, and I will respond in kind there as well. Let’s all have fun with this!

Best Regards,
Dana J Lange

What were the results?

Over a two day period I bought over 1000 shares in people that responded to my email. This number is in addition to any reciprocal purchases or purchases in other players. Over 50 different players participated receiving anything from tweets, blog comments, to shares and guest blog posts. For the two days the majority of my usual social media content was usurped by posts for others and was consistent with previous levels. Facebook likes was the only activity that increased during the following days. Network scores remained the same, however my Facebook Fanpage network score increased two several days later. My shares sold increased from an average of 1000 a day to 2000+ a day which has continued a week after the shareholder email. Subsequently, my share price increased from 101.71 to 106.35 one week later. Net worth also increased over 700,000 in one week’s time. There are so many moving parts; it is difficult to say this one act of generosity resulted in increased share price and increased net wealth.

What else did it do?

There are many intangible results that are very difficult to measure. Through this process I was able to connect with and engage more with my shareholders both on Empire Avenue and on other social networks. Did this create more shareholder loyalty? Only time will tell. Was I able to increase other player’s activity scores? This is too hard to measure, but doubtful.

It took over 10 hours to respond and complete the requested tasks (not including two blog posts). Was it worth it? You judge. As for me, I will do similar things in the future.

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