Changes Coming to Share Prices and Dividends


empire avenue changes aheadEmpire Avenue CEO, (e)Dups, announced on the EAv blog and General Discussion Community that EAv will be making changes to the way it calculates share prices and dividends as early as June 4

The announcement is very detailed, so I encourage you to read the whole thing, but the highlights include:


Record Dividends


This morning my stock paid out a personal best 2.09e/share dividend (my first time over 2e/share).  That took me to an average dividend of 1.82e/share for the last week which is also a personal best.  Woohoo!

empire avenue 2.09 eaves/share dividend

My dividend has been steadily rising since I started using Instagram 4 weeks ago, and it’s really taken off this week since starting the Instagram blog series and putting into practice a lot of great advice contributed be fellow EAv Instagram users in the comments.