Funny Instagram Nickelback Parody Video


If you’re an Instagram user, you’ll get a laugh from this Nickelback parody about the photo-sharing app.


Milestone: 100 Instagram Network Score!


Empire Avenue Instagram 100 network scoreI’ve enjoyed my 6 months on Instagram, and this weekend I’ve achieved what only a handful of other Empire Avenue  Instagramers have – an Instagram network score of 100. Woohoo! (Instagram leaderboard)

It took 6 months, 880 pics (5-6/day), 18,000 followers, and an average of 800 likes and 18 comments per recent photo.  My entire IG strategy is explained in the How to Rock Empire Avenue with Instagram blog series… with one exception.

I’ve got one secret that helped propel me from a network score of around 70 to 100.  I’ll tell you what it is, but you’ll have to wait a little bit. How’s that for a teaser. 🙂

BTW, my IG username is PDSTEIN if we’re not yet connected.

Paul ~~> (e)PDSTEIN

1,000 Instagram Likes, Enough for the Popular Page?


instagram 1000 likesYesterday, for the first time I had a photo I posted to Instagram receive 1,000 likes, a pretty cool milestone.

One of my hopes is that some day I would get a pic on Instagram’s popular page.  So, was this enough to make it?


Instagram #14: So Much for That Strategy


instagramFor a few short weeks I was using the Instagram strategy of finding photos on the popular page like mine and following the people who liked them because a good percentage of them will follow back and like my photos.  But, I stopped a couple weeks ago after I received this threatening email from Instagram:


Instagram #13: Steve Bretzke Has Had the Best Strategy All Along


instagramI’ve written 12 previous posts in this “How to Rock Empire Avenue with Instagram” series. We’ve discussed everything from using hashtags, following back, the most liked photo subjects, the best time and day to post, non-photo content and more. All of them are good topics and strategies but it turns out they all pale in comparison to a strategy Steve Bretzke, aka (e)BRETZKE,  has been advocating since before this series even started.

What is it?


New Instagram App for Android Good News for All EAvers


The long awaited release of the Instagram app for the Android platform finally happened yesterday.  This is great news for Empire Avenue users – those with iOS and those with Android devices and even those still using rotary phones :).   I’ll explain why as well as provide some tips for those Android users who are new to IG.


Instagram #12: 7 Tips for New IG Users


With the release of an Android version of Instagram, I started writing a post with tips for new Android IG users.  Then I realized it really isn’t specific to Android but a good resource for all new IG users, so here are…

7 Tips for New Empire Avenue Instagram Users


Instagram #11: Interview with Empire Avenue Staff


instagramAfter a bit of a pause,  we pick the Instagram series back up with some questions I recently asked the Empire Avenue staff.


2,000e mission to help me get to the Instagram popular page!

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Leopard in a tree, Lake Nakuru National Park, KenyaIn my 2 months using Instagram I have yet to get photo onto the popular page and I want to change that today right now.

I’ve posted to Instragram my favorite photographs I’ve ever taken – a series of 6 pictures of a leopard in a tree in Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya.

I’ve also created a mission in which I’m giving away 2,000e to like those photos.

Thanks for your help!


Instagram #10: What’s up with posting pics you didn’t take?


eav-instagram-earth-riseInstagram is a great place to share your photos and connect with people… and increase your Empire Avenue dividend. But what’s the deal with people posting photos that are not their own? Is it legal? Is it within the IG and EAv terms of service? Is it ethical?


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