EAv Lauches V… For Big Profits!


eav-vees-giftcardsAfter weeks of anticipation, Empire Avenue has finally rolled out their new virtual currency – Vs – which can be purchased in the shop, given as mission rewards and redeemed for gift cards.

Currently, Starbucks, Amazon and Crate & Barrel gift cards can be purchase in the shop – a $10 gift card for 1300v, which puts their value to the user at 0.77 cents U.S.

What may shock some is the dramatically higher cost to purchase Vs!


EAv Extends Discounts on Incomplete Premium Accounts


eav_premium_service_levelsWhen Empire Avenue launched premium accounts on August 15, they came with a 20% discount for the first 3 months (for existing EAv users) and a promise of 3 features coming in August or Fall.

Three months later, 2 of those 3 features still have not been delivered, but EAv announced it would extend the 20% discount for another 3 months.

The 3 “Coming Soon” Features


EAv Announces Missions Contest with 10M Eav, $100 Prize


eav-green-diamond missions contestEmpire Avenue has announced a new contest it is running to promote the completion of missions.

Everyone who completes 100 missions during the month of July and keeps “a positive feedback rating” will receive a special badge and be eligible for a drawing EAv will do in early August.



EAv Announces a Few More Minor Changes. Lipstick on a Pig?


empire_avenue_rocketIn the last week Empire Avenue announced a few very minor changes on their blog.

April 17: Missions Enhancement: Rerun – Now you can rerun a mission that’s been archived or all the rewards have been taken. When doing this the people who did the mission previously cannot do it again. Not a game-changer, but I see some value in this new feature.


2 Small But Helpful Improvements to Missions


empire avenue missions improvementsEmpire Avenue has made a couple of small but significant improvements to missions.

The first is a bigger box to enter the mission description.   While just a cosmetic change, it certainly improves the user experience over the tiny box that used to serve that purpose.

The second improvement is the introduction of a dozen new mission reward amounts…


EAv Terminates City and Interest Communities


Empire Avenue interest communitiesEmpire Avenue announced today on its blog that it is ending City Communities and Interest Communities but will continue to support Personal Communities.

City Communities were communities EAv had set up for metropolitan areas as an attempt to connect EAvers who are close geographically.  Similarly, Interest Communities were set up by EAv in an attempt to connect EAvers who share a similar interest.

What does this mean for you and me?


2,000e mission to help me get to the Instagram popular page!

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Leopard in a tree, Lake Nakuru National Park, KenyaIn my 2 months using Instagram I have yet to get photo onto the popular page and I want to change that today right now.

I’ve posted to Instragram my favorite photographs I’ve ever taken – a series of 6 pictures of a leopard in a tree in Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya.

I’ve also created a mission in which I’m giving away 2,000e to like those photos.

Thanks for your help!