empire avenue pollI enjoy Empire Avenue. I love the people I’ve met through EAv and I think it has potential to be “Social Media Rocket Fuel” as their tag line claims.  But it’s not there yet.

In fact, the number of new sign-ups has been declining in recent months. And desite more than 20,000 new sign-ups this year, the number of active users (10+ EAv actions in the last week) has declined slightly.  People are leaving EAv faster than they’re coming in, and not many new users stick around very long.

EAv can’t continue like this very long, so a few weeks ago, I created the “Empire Avenue Pain Points Poll” as a way of giving my fellow EAvers a forum to discuss the problems that are frustrating them and causing others to leave.

More than 600 EAvers completed the poll! Woohoo! Thanks to all of you for contributing!  This is the first of several posts delving into the results of poll.