Empire Avenue announced 2 new bonuses and that EAv will be “under construction” this weekend.

power rhapsody bonus“Rhapsody on the Avenue” bonus

This bonus costs $5 and is described by EAv…

Sponsored by Rhapsody, this bonus will bring you all the extras of more dessert plus 5,000e so you can jump right into purchasing. Best of all you also get a 14-day free registration for Rhapsody Services.

Effect: This Bonus has 10 uses, and allows you to buy more than your maximum number of Shares in any profile by 100 Shares. For example, if you can currently purchase a maximum of 300 Shares in a profile, this Bonus will allow you to purchase up to 400 shares in that profile. If you can purchase 600 Shares in someone now, you will be able to purchase up to 700 Shares with the Bonus. The limit of 200 shares will remain in effect for new users until they have been on Empire Avenue for a week.

It’s basically the same as the “More Dessert” bonus except that it costs real dollars and you get 5,000e.


Halloween “The Trick or Treat Ticket” Bonus

This bonus costs $2 and is works like a raffle ticket.  EAv describes it this way…

Upon purchase, you will receive a random Eaves prize between 500e and 2,000e, once per day for 5 days from the date of purchase. Every ticket is a winner, but there are a total 25 grand prizes of 110,000e.

Both of these bonuses continue the trend of requiring dollars rather than eaves to make the purchase.


The announcement on the blog also mentioned there would be some construction going on on EAv this weekend.  As usual, EAv was not specific about the changes they are making.  I noticed the ticker on each person’s profile is now a different font, and for a while bios disappeared.

You can read the full announcement here.

Have you noticed any other changes?

Have you bought or will you be buying either of the bonuses?