Instagram Issue #1: Quality vs Quantity


Google “Instagram tips” and at the top of almost every list of advice for increasing followers, likes and comments is…

Share quality pics!

It may seem obvious… until you start seeing the pics some people share: pics of their lunch, pics of themselves in the mirror, blurry pics. Yike!


Top New Empire Avenue Stocks – Jan 31, 2012


Good morning EAvers! We’ve got a good batch new users to invest in today – 12 on the main list plus 7 more on the secondary list.


New Blog Series: How to Rock Empire Avenue with Instagram


A few weeks ago I heard several EAv “power users” say that Instragram was a good way to increase one’s EAv dividend. I really didn’t want to spend time on yet another social network, and I’m not a fan of using a network just to boost EAv scores.  But I figured it was at least worth the experiment.  If nothing else, it would give me something to blog about. 🙂

In the 3 weeks since starting to tinker with it, I found Instagram it to be a lot of fun, a neat way to get to know some EAver’s better, and…

My dividend increased by about 0.20e/share.

And I’m just getting started.


Top New Empire Avenue Stocks – Jan 30, 2012


Good morning, EAver! An average day for new sign-ups yesterday. 89 new users, 6 recommended on the main list, 12 more on the secondary list.


Top New Empire Avenue Stocks – Jan 29, 2012


Good morning, EAvers! It was a light day for new sign-ups yesterday – only 72, but included some very promising new players – 6 on the main list and 4 more on the secondary list.


Top New Empire Avenue Stocks – Jan 28, 2012

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Good morning EAvers! Strange batch of new sign-ups yesterday. Most of those with the highest dividends either didn’t invest or had their prices bid up, so not many great investment opportunities (only 3 on the main list) but a lot of good possibilities (17 on the secondary list).


Top New Empire Avenue Stocks – Jan 27, 2012


Good morning, EAvers! Another good day for new sign-ups yesterday, so a good number of investment opportunities today – 6 on the main list and 12 on the secondary.

If you find these recommendations helpful, I’d appreciate it if you’d click the “like” buttonat the bottom of this post. I’m doing an experiment to see if likes on WordPress blog posts increases the WordPress network score and dividends.

Here’s my list of the top new EAv players from the last 24 hours (in alphabetical order):

Here are some new players that didn’t quite make the primarily list, but are close enough that I recommend giving them a try (in alphabetical order):

Have a great day investing in others! – Paul (e)PDSTEIN To make the primarily list of the top new stocks, a stock must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • ROI > 1.0 (ROI is dividend per share divided by stock price)
  • Dividend of at least 0.20e/share
  • The player has bought shares in other stocks
  • The player has connected at least 1 social network to EAv

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