mythbustersKevin Green, the current share price leader on EAv, posted this insightful bit in the Community Discussion area. I’ve reposted with his permission:

There are a number of EA members going around blogging about their expertise on how EA works. Please before you go publish crap please read the FAQ on EA

To dispel a couple when NEW myths going around…

1 The divs you pay out are based on your actions and response to them. They are NOT based on the yield factor of tickers you own. This MYTH has been around forever and just isn’t true.

another one going around

2 Buy me because I only receive divs if we both own each other. MYTH You get paid on who you own regardless if they own you.

and my favorite MYTH that has been around forever

3 They way to win the game of EA is thru yield. Well first of all there is no winner, at least from a monopoly game sense, your personal goals of why you are here will make you a winner if you achieve them. Unless you are a celebrity ignoring your “fans” will most likely make you a looser. oops even celebrities can fade away. In social media judging someone by a preconcieved caste system (yield) will most likely lead you to failure