If you want the pics you post to Instagram to get as many views, likes and comments as possible, then it makes sense to post at the time & day most people will see them. When is that?

Fortunately, we don’t have to guess. http://statigr.am/optimization.php shows you what times and days the pics you’ve posted have gotten the most likes. Here’s a screenshot of mine.

instagram best day time to post

As you can see, I get consistantly good numbers of likes during the 7 AM hour with big numbers in the 8 AM hour on Friday and Sunday.

There are shortcomings to this analysis, though. As you can see, I have posted many more pics at the 6 and 7 AM hours. Statigr.am only shows raw numbers not likes per post. So, it’s hard to say whether the lower numbers of likes later in the day is because those are less optimal times or because I don’t post much later in the day. So, I’m going to continue to post at what appear to be my optimal early morning times, but also experiment with posting at different times and days.

All at Once or Pace Yourself?

The other question this raises is whether it’s best to post pics as soon as you take them or to post them gradually over time.

(EDIT: Originally I included a statigr.am graph that I mistakenly said indicated the vast majority of likes happen within the first hour of posting. David Sanger correctly pointed out that statigr.am shows comments over time not likes. So, while I believe most likes do happen within the first hour, I don’t have stats to show what percentage this is.)

Most people don’t sit around looking at pics all day, so if I post a whole bunch of pics at once only the people who are looking during that hour are going to see them. But if I post one pic every 2 or 3 hours, then it’s much more likely someone is going to see at least one of my pics. So, if I take a bunch of good pics, I post one immediately and then post the rest gradually over the rest of the day.

How about you? What have you found is the best time & day to post? Do you post all at once or pace your pic posting?

Share Your Progress

Tagging, beautiful sunrises and posting a few pics here and there from one of my trips to Kenya has led to 30-40 new followers each day and a continuing rise in my EAv IG network score. It’s now up to 43 and this morning for the first time I appeared on the U.S. Instagram leaderboard.

How about you? Are you trying anything new on Instagram as a result of this series? How’s it working for you?

– Paul

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