EAv Pie 18Dups announced in the EAv General Discussion Community that the Pie 18 upgrade is now available in the shop for $25, and Pie 17 can now be purchased for eaves.

The Pie 18 upgrade enables users to invest in up to 1800 shares of other users (up to 1900 with the More Dessert upgrade, and 2000 with the Even More Dessert upgrade). This upgrade can only be purchased for $25 real money via credit card and not with eaves.

Meanwhile, EAv has also made the Pie 17 upgrade available for eaves…

From the August 29, when Pie 17 was originally released, until now, Pie 17 could only be purchased with cash.  Now Pie 17 is available for eaves, starting at 3.5m and going up from there based on the user’s wealth.

Both are smart moves by EAv  

It’s smart for EAv to release Pie 18 a few days before [X]Pendapalooza 11 so that users who were already maxed on all active users can invest during this Saturday’s “investment carnival.”

One potential issue though… when Pie 17 was originally released, it was made available for half price to users with premium accounts. So far it appears Pie 18 is $25 for everyone and Dups has not answered questions as to whether there will be a discount for premium users.

It’s also smart for EAv to make Pie 17 available for eaves.  Some EAvers refused to pay any real money to EAv. Those folks should be happy (or at least begrudgingly satisfied) that they can eventually get the pie upgrade. And EAv can generate some much needed revenue from those willing to pay cash to get Pie upgrades right away.

What do you think?

Will you be buying Pie 18 for cash?  Buying Pie 17 for eaves?